Registration opens Wednesday September 19th, 2018 at 10am AWST.

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The Customer Loyalty Offer is open to anyone with a Thermomix. It doesn't matter which model you have, how long you've had it, if you received it as a gift or if you bought it second-hand. You can take advantage of this Customer Loyalty Offer to get a brand new TM5.

Check out the TM5
Thermomix TM5

If you'd like to experience the TM5 hands-on please contact your Consultant or book a Cooking Experience.
You can also find out all about our latest accessory - the Cook-Key and Cookidoo, the world's smallest biggest recipe library.

Many customers have asked us about an upgrade offer

This limited time offer has been developed in response to the many customers who’ve asked us about the opportunity to upgrade their Thermomix to the current model TM5.

The registration form will be available right here on this website from September 19th.

It’s easy to take advantage of the offer, simply select the new TM5 package you’d like and pay by credit card or enjoy 24 Months Interest Free Zip finance.

Do you have a Thermomix Consultant?

Our Consultants are experts who love to support their customers along their Thermomix journey, to create a lifetime of great meals.

Your Thermomix Consultant will make it super easy for you by collecting your old Thermomix and delivering your brand new TM5. So you won't be without your Thermomix and delivery is free!

If you don't have a Consultant we'll arrange delivery of your Thermomix directly to you. You'll need to return your old one before we can send you out a brand new TM5 so you might be without a Thermomix for a little while.

Which Thermomix package will you choose?

Please select the Thermomix model you would like to return by clicking the button underneath it. Your Customer Loyalty Offer package and pricing options will then be displayed.

Thermomix TM5 Cook Key
TM5 plus cook-key Our most popular package!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the offer be open?

The Customer Loyalty Offer will be run from 19 September to 16 October, while stocks last.

Is the price of the loyalty offer the same regardless of what model Thermomix I have?

There are three different pricing options based on the Thermomix model you return. Simply select the Thermomix model you are returning above and the Customer Loyalty Offer pricing options will be displayed underneath for you to choose from. You can enjoy free delivery with your Consultant whatever model Thermomix you have.

Are there special host offers or purchase offers with the upgrade?

You can choose your reward every time you host a Cooking Experience. Just by hosting a delicious Cooking Experience, you’ll unlock an exclusive offer on some of our most popular accessories. Host as many Cooking Experiences as you like and choose one reward from our Host Catalogue every time. Why not collect them all?

How long will it take to get my new TM5?

By choosing to have your Consultant deliver your new TM5 and take your old Thermomix away, you won't miss a minute of cooking with your Thermomix. Your Consultant will be in touch to arrange a date for your delivery demonstration. If you don't have a Consultant, as soon as return your old Thermomix we will send you out a brand new TM5.

What do I need to return?

Please return your Thermomix with the complete bowl set; varoma and ideally the spatula, butterfly whisk and steaming basket. You can keep enjoying your cookbooks and any other Thermomix products that you may have purchased.

I don't live anywhere near my Consultant. If they can't deliver to me, can I choose another Consultant to arrange delivery?

Your Thermomix Consultant will make it super easy for you by collecting your old Thermomix and delivering your brand new TM5. If your current Consultant is unable to complete the delivery for you, they will arrange for an alternate delivery Consultant on your behalf. If you are no longer in contact with your Consultant you can choose to be put in touch with a Consultant as you go through the registration process.

I bought my Thermomix second-hand so I'm not a customer of yours, can I still take advantage of this?

Yes. The Customer Loyalty Offer is open to anyone with a Thermomix - any model, no matter how long you've had it or how you came to have one in your kitchen.

Can I organise pre-approval of my Zip 24 Months Interest Free finance so I’m ready to go when the Customer Loyalty Offer opens on September 19th?

Yes. It’s a really easy 2-step process. Step 1: Please SMS the word THERMOMIX to this number 0428 245 234 to commence the Zip finance pre-approval process. Step 2: Click on the application link in the SMS you’ll receive back and then enter your Thermomix Consultant’s ID (if you have one).