Register your chips at Cookidoo

Some exciting changes are coming to Cookidoo early this year which includes some new features that will improve the functionality and make it easier to use.


Once the update to Cookidoo occurs (estimated to be early February), if you haven’t registered your chips, you can continue to use your Recipe Chip for guided cooking on your TM5, however you won’t be able to add the recipes to your Cookidoo account.


If you have a Recipe Chip which you haven’t already registered on Cookidoo, we encourage you to activate it before 31 January. Activating your recipe chips allows you to access the recipes online via the Cookidoo platform.


These recipes will still be available on Cookidoo via a subscription. To activate your Recipe Chip please visit


We will continue to keep you updated once we have more information regarding the update to Cookidoo.


After you’ve created an account on, you can activate Recipe Chips by clicking on “My Recipe Library” and “Activate my Recipe Chip”. Enter the unique code found on the back of the Recipe Chip to activate. These recipes will then be added to your recipe library. Please note that each Recipe Chip can only be activated once.

Yes. When you activate your Recipe Chips, these recipes permanently become a part of your Recipe Library.

A Cookidoo subscription gives you access to all of the recipes globally at There are currently almost 2000 recipes on the Australian site and over 40,000 globally, with more added all the time. There are three ways you can access a subscription:

  1. The 30-day trial which is free when you register
  2. Every Cook-key comes with a bonus 6-month subscription
  3. An annual subscription is available to purchase for $49, or less than $1 per week.