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Thermomix ® Purchases on the Internet

You may find various offers in online shops and on eBay to purchase a new Thermomix ® . These offers have no connection to Thermomix ® in Australia and New Zealand. Our company sells the Thermomix ® exclusively through Consultants via the direct sales method. This way, as our customer, you’ll benefit from your Consultant’s advice and after sales customer service. Online Thermomix ® offers may look very professional, however Thermomix ® do not issue licenses to use our logos and photos. These are illegally used. Please educate yourself about any seller on the internet. Caution must be taken with online Thermomix ®offers, particularly in regards to warranties in Australia and New Zealand.


Do not take any risks!

Book your own in-home demonstration with a Thermomix ® Consultant. There is no obligation to purchase and you’ll be able to see the various functions of the Thermomix ® as well as tasting some of the dishes it produces. Customers also enjoy other unique benefits such as cooking classes, host rewards and extra incentives and bonuses, through their Consultants and via our online Recipe Community, Facebook and Twitter pages. Purchasing from an authorised Thermomix ® Consultant also guarantees the validity of your warranty.


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