John O’Shea

Occupation: Consultant, QLD

Thermomix ® is like a hobby to me. A very rewarding hobby.

I reached my Career goal to be the Executive chef of a five star luxury hotel by the age of 33. I now work full time as Catering Manager for a large Private Hospital on the Gold Coast. My new challenge is to change the image of hospital food. Creating an exciting menu that is tasty, nutritious and visually satisfying.

Working closely with the dietician’s and speech pathologist’s, My interest in nutrition continues to grow. It’s no wonder Thermomix ® is such a perfect fit.

Thermomix ® is like a hobby to me. A very rewarding hobby. I love cooking, I love teaching people how to cook and Thermomix allows me to do this in a fun interactive way.

It was actually my wife that suggested I host a demo after she had been to a party. Not convinced this machine could do anything I couldn’t already do, I agreed.

By the end of the demo I was sold.  The fact that it could cook quality food with very little effort and without me standing there the whole time was enough for me. I could see the time it was going to save me and I loved it. Furthermore I could see the health benefits not only for my family but how this machine could change the lives of so many. With my passion for food and my new found interest in nutrition I knew straight away I had to sign up as a consultant.

I now not only enjoy presenting in home demonstrations, I have my own session time demonstrating the benefits of owning a Thermomix ® to our Oncology patients.  It’s so amazing to see the look on these people’s faces as they realise this machine gives them the opportunity to easily change the way they eat, saving them time, money and maybe even their life.