Club 500

CLUB 500

Club 500 is one of the most prestigious achievements that can be awarded to a Thermomix Consultant. It is given to Consultants who have brought Thermomix into the lives of more than 500 households. To celebrate this milestone we have listed our Club 500 Consultants, along with their favourite recipe.

Ann Musat

Ann marks her Club 500 achievement by sharing this colourful and nutritious Raw rainbow laksa with us. Congratulations Ann!

Amanda Cook

Amanda celebrates her entry into Club 500 with this amazing Indonesian chicken with spices in banana leaf recipe. Congratulations, Amanda on this fantastic acheivement!

Wendy Crombie

Wendy Crombie

We congratulate Wendy on attaining her Club 500 status! One of Wendy’s most popular recipes is this refreshing Shredded chicken rice noodle salad with nuoc cham dressing.


Anne Tesconi

Anne Tesconi is one of our Consultants who has achieved Club 500. To celebrate Anne’s achievement, here is her delicious Veal Involtini recipe for you to try.


Gail Kordic

Gail Kordic is a Group Leader who has attained Club 500 status. We would like to celebrate Gail’s remarkable achievement by sharing her delicious Upside Down Pear Cake recipe with you.


Lynette MacDonald

We usher Lynette MacDonald, one of our Consultants, into Club 500. Congratulations! Lynette has shared her divine New Orleans Cheesecake recipe with us.

Fiona Douglas

Fiona Douglas

Congratulations Fiona for joining the Club 500! To celebrate this remarkable achievement, Fiona shares her  delicious recipe for Sweet potato and coconut steamed pudding.


Trish Edwards

Thermomix Consultant Trish Edwards has generously given us her recipe for Stewed rhubarb with ginger wine syllabub to celebrate her Club 500 achievement.